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Best False Ceiling Designs For Your Home & Office

Welcome in the largest aggregation of ceiling designs on the internet, specially false ceiling designs, today we continuing our job, we showing to you 5 of modern false ceiling designs that were made of gypsum, the common element in these false ceiling designs is that all of them are designed for living room, the designs have inspiring ideas for ceiling lighting and ceiling decorating ideas.

Today's we also focus on false ceiling s, we bring new 5 false ceilings made of gypsum with geometric shapes with LED technology in the ceiling lights. Each one of the following ceiling designs is combined with drywall that also has LED lights. Dry wall is a smart option of interior decor, it enables you to hide the defects in the room in besides it give the room a touch of elegance.

I love this design, it's a false ceiling design with multi-level structure, the pink parts are made of gypsum under the main ceiling, this ceiling is suitable for living room and girls room and it's design make it fit into any style of interior design, you can carry out this false ceiling design with the color you prefer, the ceiling lighting in this design is a direct lighting which was installed in the false ceiling to spread the light into the room. This false ceiling makes a cheerful atmosphere in the living room for you and for your children.

Beautiful ceiling for people who prefer bright colors, multi-level ceiling with a combination of yellow and orange colors, the ceiling has tow gypsum layers under the main ceiling are called false ceiling designs, the ceiling lighting spots were installed in the edges of the fall layers, that make the room fill of light, the ceiling was designed for living room but you can use it for bedrooms and for kids rooms too, and you can use another color combination you prefer, for example, gray-white, gray-turquoise, black-white or green-white

For people who like the hidden lighting, false ceiling designs with multi-level structure give you the option of hidden lighting, the fall parts are made of gypsum board and were installed in perfect way the glow on the ceiling distributes the lighting into the room, that's the same purpose of using this special chandelier, this design suits the living room an modern style only and also suit dining room, but don't use it in any bedroom in your home ever.

POP False Ceiling Design

POP False Ceilings

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Wooden False Ceilings

Gypsum False Ceiling Design

Gypsum False Ceilings

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PVC False Ceiling Design

PVC False Ceilings

Glass False Ceiling Design

Glass False Ceilings

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